Dulverton Primary

Remembrance Services

Reception/KS1 children will be attending a Remembrance Service in the school hall on Friday 9th November. 

KS2 children will also be attending a Remembrance Service which will be held at the local Methodist church on the morning of Friday 9th November. 

As from Tuesday 30th October, Poppies will be available alongside other Royal British Legion products please see overleaf (limited stock of Slap Rulers available), all raising money for Remembrance. The poppies will be taken round to the classes during school time and the other items can be purchased from the school office at the end of each school day. Please send your child in with money if you would like them to purchase any of the above. If your child does purchase a poppy could you please remind them to wear it on the above occasions.

Unfortunately, we are not able to invite parents/guardians to attend these services.