Dulverton Primary

KS2 Years 3-6 Banner Competition - PE

All children in Key Stage Two are invited to enter a competition which involves designing a banner that will represent our school! The winning entry from Dulverton Primary School will be entered into the inter school competition. If our Dulverton entry wins the inter school competition, then our banner will be professionally created. Our sports teams will then bring the banner to all School Games competitions.

Your banner must include:

  • The name of our school and must include the words ‘School Games’ on it. The banner must have some reference to sport or the School Games Values either through words or pictures. The School Games Values are Determination, Passion, Respect, Honesty, Self-Belief and Teamwork
  • The banner can be done on paper, card or material (an old sheet is ideal!)
  • An A4/A3 size design is recommended

Please return your banner to school by Tuesday 4th December 2018. 

We would like to wish you all good luck!